You are invited to visit the year 2050. Once there, you’ll see how a “wide path” of expansive innovation and a range of clean energies solved the climate crisis.

Path to Zero Book

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Path to Zero is based on Tucker Perkin’s Path to Zero podcast. In his book, Tucker reflects on 12 of his most memorable conversations with renowned climate scientists, academics, and innovators. Each chapter draws a bright line from the year 2050 back to today to show a variety of climate-friendly solutions that already exist can create a net zero carbon future. His “wide path” philosophy confidently asserts that we can, and are, addressing climate change.

“Kudos to Tucker Perkins for gathering, and thoughtfully distilling, a wide array of input, and then taking us on a romp to 2050 to see what net zero might actually entail, looking back. To be sure, no one has a patent on truth; we can only seek it. But Tucker does a wonderful job in the seeking. Everyone should come along for the ride!”

— Dr. Scott Tinker, American geologist, educator, energy expert, and host of the PBS show Energy Switch

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The Path to Zero podcast focuses on clean energy and the journey toward a low-carbon future. Listen as Tucker talks with some of the most innovative thinkers and doers in the world about climate change.

Tucker Perkins

Tucker Perkins

Tucker Perkins is an energy expert with four decades of experience in the liquid and renewable fuels arena. He is a frequent keynote speaker to national and international audiences on energy topics and a commentator for major media outlets and the Schwab Network. His favorite topic is the future. His wide path perspective embraces an array of pragmatic solutions for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Tucker also hosts the Path to Zero podcast, in which he engages a variety of thought leaders in provocative discussions regarding energy and climate change. He has interviewed over 100 experts on subjects ranging from the internal combustion engines to nuclear fusion, electrification, and environmental justice.

He is the president and chief executive officer of the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC), a position he’s held since 2017.

Tucker has a BS in civil engineering from Virginia Tech and an MBA from the University of Richmond. He and his wife Liz reside in Richmond, Virginia.


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Tucker has appeared on stages everywhere from university engineering schools to the Reuters Global Energy Transition Summit in New York City. He speaks on a range of energy issues from climate change and decarbonization, to adaptation, to renewable energy innovation. Tucker also produces his Path to Zero podcasts live in front of audiences with renowned experts in the energy and climate arena.

Known for his engaging talks, Tucker shows audiences how decarbonization can be dramatically accelerated with today’s technologies, and leaves the room feeling empowered to share his optimism, and to take action to support a wide path climate and human-friendly agenda.

Tucker at the New York Stock Exchange

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